Our Team 

Our team consists of adventurous, communicative and cordial people. Our positive working environment is based on mutual respect, responsability and trust. We live in a flat hierarchy, where the Coach is the guideline of this management style. Own initiative and continuing education for our Coaches, Captains and Players are important to us and we assist our employees on professional and personal levels. 


Our management style consists of Coaches and their Deputies. The Coaches have the responsability for their own department and work with the Eiger Selfness Hotel strategy.


All employees in all departments are our hosts. Would you like to be a co-worker in the Eiger Selfness Hotel? Vacancies and work opportunities are to be found under SERVICES. Open positions

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Please disturb - Tag der offenen Zimmertüren

Please disturb - Tag der offenen Zimmertüren

Sonntag, 15. März 2015: An diesem Tag öffnen wir zusammen mit zahlreichen anderen Schweizer Hotels unsere Pforten und gewähren Einblicke in das Innenleben unseres Betriebs. Interessierte Jugendliche können die Hotelwelt und die Hotelberufe hatunah miterleben.

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