Nordic Walking

Get inspired to participate in unique tours through the spectacular  alpine world.  There is a suitable tour for everyone - from easy till challenging, from leisure till sportive. In our Nordic Walking Hotel you will find the following amenities:

  • Tee station
  • Coffee and cake every afternoon
  • Nordic Walking sticks
  • Pulse watches
  • Drink bottle and drink belt
  • Map material & track recommendations
  • Relaxation in the sauna area to rest the soul

Guided Tours

Our educated instructors are happy in assisting you, to find a suitable tour for you or they will accompagne you personaly. For more information and reservations

News & Angebote

haki® days - clear head - clear path

haki® days - clear head - clear path

The haki®-method is a custom-made and holistic concept for the head-ruled people of today. The award winning treatment concentrates on the areas shoulder, neck and head and relieves the pressure in these areas which helps the body to regain strenght and to get into the right mood.

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Weather forecast

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