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The Jungfrau Region is a hiking paradise par excellence. Over 500 kilometer of marked tracks offering you countless options - from easy baby buggy suitable strolls over the experience walk up to expert mountain hikes and climbing tracks. The choice is on you! The breath taking panoramic view on the world famous triumvirate Eiger, Moench and Jungfrau is naturally present at every hike. On the way you will be welcomed by cozy mountain restaurants offering you a diverse culinary menu to enjoy, to rest and to linger. The Jungfraubahnen offer favourable hiking passes, which will alleviate your exploration considerably.


  • Climate guide
  • Lauberhorn-Trail
  • Family walking way with cow Liselotte
  • Apple fritter trail 
  • Royal Walk
  • Power place trail Stechelberg - Trachsellauenen
  • Capricorn nature trail
  • Flower hike First
  • Forest nature trail 
  • Mendelssohn trail
  • Pilgrim trail St. Petronell
  • North Wall Trail
  • UNESCO Theme trail
  • Lauterbrunnen, the valley with 72 waterfalls

Receommendation: easy hike

Bussalp - Bort, 2 hours

Beautiful and promising hike, easy descending on a forested road, hiking time around 1 1/2 hrs. 100 Meters in altitude difference. There is a gondola from Bort to Grindelwald or you can rent a trotti bike enjoying a fast down hill experience. Big alp play ground for children on Bort. 

Recommendations: intermediate hike

Grindelwald - Boneren - Alpiglen, 3 - 4 hours

Start at the Glacier gorge, around 1 hr ascend into the forest, a mountain trail will guide you through the Eiger over Leitern, beautiful glades over small mountain creeks walking in the direction of Alpiglen. The cogwheel train will bring you back to Grindelwald or when you are not tired yet you can attach the hike following the Eiger Trail- under the Eiger North Wall - up till Eigergletscher. Hiking durance, around 3 hrs. Altitude difference approximately 800 meters.

Recommendation: expert hike

Grindelwald - Glecksteinhütte, 4 hours

At upper Lauchbuehl (direction Grosse Scheidegg) a narrow path and impressive mountain trail will guide you to Glecksteinhütte (2000 meters above sea level). The trail is very gradient on the right hand side. Good mountain shoes and free from giddiness are the requirements for this trail. As a reward you can enjoy the creek near the SAC- hut and delicious cake...., durance around 3 1/2 hhrs. Altitude difference 1200 m. 

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