We give you a reduction of 20% on the room rate where no overnight stay is included in the event (not valid for New Year's Eve). Not to be combined with other offers. Please mention the event you are joining when making a reservation.

  • Talkrunden zur Persönlichkeitsentwicklung (in german)

    Talkrunden zur Persönlichkeitsentwicklung (in german)
    Freitag, 17. Oktober 2014, 19 - 21 Uhr
    SELBSTVERTRAUEN- Feedback: Wie wirke ich?
    mit Edith Amacher, Dipl. Mental-Coach & Elternkursleiterin continue

  • Ex-Staff-Get-Together 2014

    Ex-Staff-Get-Together 2014
    Thursday, October 23rd 2014
    All staff from the last years is invited for a big "Get-Together"! continue

  • Yoga Wochenende mit Sandra Schönmann (in german)

    Yoga Wochenende mit Sandra Schönmann (in german)
    Freitag bis Sonntag, 31. Oktober bis 2. November 2014
    2-Tages-Workshop mit Vortrag und Yogalektionen von Sandra Schönmann (Samiya Yoga) continue

  • More than Honey / Meine Bienen (in german)

    More than Honey / Meine Bienen (in german)
    Samstag, 1. November 2014, 19 Uhr
    Fred Jaggi und Elisabeth Schild lesen aus dem Buch "Meine Bienen" und der Filmregisseur Markus Imhoof erzählt aus seinem Filmalltag. continue

  • New group fitness courses starting 1.11.2014

    New group fitness courses starting 1.11.2014
    Choose from our attractive course assortment and find a suitable program for you: train your endurance and condition by speeding, step aerobix and jazzercise or train your self control physically and mentally at yoga or pilates! The participation is for all our guests included. continue

  • Thai days in restaurant Barry's

    Thai days in restaurant Barry's
    November 6th until 8th 2014
    Our Thai cooks are back! Enjoy original Thai specialities in our restaurant Barry's. Look forward to Sawai's spring rolls, red and green curries and many other delicious dishes from the healthy and tasty Thai cuisine.
    Reservations recommended. continue

  • Massage & treatments with Ismet Ögmen

    Massage & treatments with Ismet Ögmen
    Thursday, November 6th 2014
    Ismet works since 1996 in Germany as Hamam master, acidosis lymph practitioner and masseur. His various experiences from thousands of applications in the black forest hot springs, medical practice and hotels. Every second Thursday he is in the Eiger Selfness Hotel! Our recommendation: Ismet's integral deep massage. continue

  • Blind Dinner

    Blind Dinner
    Friday, November 14th 2014, 7.30 pm
    Discover your senses totally new! Get the experience to explore the world in the darkness with bandage on your eyes. Here is your sense of smell, flavour and sense of touch on demand. Discover, how intensive you can smell, taste and feel, when you can't see, whereby you can delight your roof of the mouth. With the help of lots of different delicacy you can totally new re-experience the food. For some hours you have to forget your sense of seeing... continue

  • Kandl-light Dinner

    Kandl-light Dinner
    Sunday, December 4th 2014
    Experience an evening with Daniel Kandlbauer, THE Grindelwaldner home rocker, in the restaurant Barry's. Acoustic songs, candlelight, thrilling stories with a curious 4-course menu and a selected vine from our vine cellar. Everything together makes a cultural and remarkable highlight! continue

  • Coaching with Naila Arnet

    Coaching with Naila Arnet
    Sunday until Tuesday, December 7th till 9th 2014
    Since 20 years I support people on their way to new perception, more fulfilment and success. My educations as social worker, alternative practitioner, body therapist, systemic and gestalt coach have helped me and given me a deepened understanding for the human being. continue

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Talkrunden (in german)

Talkrunden (in german)

Freitag, 17. Oktober 2014, 19 - 21 Uhr: SELBSTVERTRAUEN - Feedback, wie wirke ich? Mit Mental Coach und Elternkursleiterin Edith Amacher

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