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To the 5-years anniversary from our Selfness Center in December 2010 we have equipped a blog to compare notes with other interested persons from all over the world!

In our daily, fast moving time it is important, to look more on yourself. "Selfness" is an attitude towards life, an attitude who is requesting an independent attendance for growth. Every person can dispose it universal and is helpfull for every life situation. To live "Selfness" produce a truly communication with our environment and gives us the possibility to create self-determined our life. "Selfness" is not the temporary success but rather a constant and everlasting sustained yield. The Selfness-Attitude result from 3 components and can thereby only filled with harmonious content from every person oneself:                

  • Physical Action, Motion
  • Mental Progress, Advanced Training
  • One's own emotional well-being, one's own emontional authority

The Selfness-Education attend to the development and measurability of the seven emotional authorities: 

  • Ability for confidence
  • Capacity for Teamwork
  • Decision-making ability
  • Ability for empathy
  • Ability for critique
  • Ability to communicate
  • Ability for presence

Selfness conduce to improve the quality of life. It calls for personal responsibility, attentiveness and the will of transformation. Selfness is - regarding the german trend explorer Matthias Horx - the advancement of wellness and will get a proper trend for a fulfilled, truthfully attitude to life.

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haki® days - clear head - clear path

haki® days - clear head - clear path

The haki®-method is a custom-made and holistic concept for the head-ruled people of today. The award winning treatment concentrates on the areas shoulder, neck and head and relieves the pressure in these areas which helps the body to regain strenght and to get into the right mood.

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