planned reconstruction autumn 2016

In November 2016, our physiotherapy premises become available and we are looking forward to recreating them within 6 weeks! Reconstruction period: beginning of November until mid December 2016.

Holiday from everyday life

Are you dreaming of a personal SPA experience? Leave the everyday life behind and enjoy a relaxed atmosphere in an exclusive Wellness-experience. Our Privat SPA is equipped wiht a Cocoon sauna (finnish sauna/herbal sauna), a twin bathtub, a relaxation zone with water bed, two foot baths and a fresh air area. Enjoy the togetherness and enjoy a relaxing wellness break in our Private SPA – unforgettable moments are guaranteed!

Private Spa

  • for 1 – 4 persons, 2 hours
  • Monday to Friday CHF 260
  • Saturday / Sunday / Holidays CHF 320
  • each additional hour CHF 100
  • if you book a massage in addition 10% reduction on our entire massage offer
  • Layout / PDF

Privat SPA “Alpienne” with mountain herb bath in the twin bath tub, with mountain pine scented Cocoon sauna, mineral stone water & home made ice tea, fresh fruit, nuts and dried fruit, foot bath with Alpienne peeling & arnica lotion, CHF 260 (MO – FR) – 320 (SA / SU) for 2 hours

Privat SPA “Eigerness” with whey bath in the twin bath tub for silky smooth skin, mountain herb scented Cocoon Sauna, mineral stone water, syrup from Grindelwald & home made ice tea, Grindelwald “plate” with local specialities, foot bath with honey-stone pine peeling and propolis lotion and an Eigerness gift, CHF 300 (MO – FR) – 360 (SA / SU) for 2 hours

Privat SPA “Heartbeat” with jasmine blossom scent in the twin bath, lavendel scent in the Cocoon Sauna, a bottle of Prosecco, mineral stone water & home made ice tea, chocolate covered fruit, a couples’ massage for 2 persons (each 50 minutes), foot bath with relaxing St John’s wort peeling and lotion and as a memory, a “hearty” gift, CHF 530 (MO – FR) – 590 (SA / SU) for 2 hours

Massage area

  • Couples massage room
  • Alpienne massage room
  • Asia massage room