We are aware of our responsibility towards the environment and are striving to optimise our ecological actions.

Regional food & suppliers

We use regional food and consider local suppliers to avoid unnecessary transportation. The products from Grindelwald are marked with the label “EIGERNESS Original Grindelwald”.


The label Eigerness is an interaction between trade, farming and tourism and promotes offers and products “original Grindelwald”. The logo indicates exclusive offers and products which correspond to the criteria “Original Grindelwald”. You’ll find “Eigerness” on the breakfast buffet, while having afternoon coffee and cake, in our guest programme and on the menus in our restaurants.

Grindelwald water

The drinking-water quality in Grindelwald is exceptionally high. Feel free to fill up your water carafe in your room and enjoy fantastic fresh water straight from the spring.

Minibar „Swissness“

We have refreshing drinks from our region Bernese Oberlands and Switzerland for you in your minibar: mineral water from Adelboden, beer from Interlaken, Rivella (produced from milk whey) and Ovomaltine chocolate bar from Switzerland.

United Against Waste

Yearly, tons of food is wasted. We think this is absolutely not necessary and we would like to contribute not to waste food. Therefore, we are a member of “United Against Waste


Heat recovery & wood heating

We cover a part of our energy demand with heat recovery. The remaining energy (heating/hot water) we draw from Holzwärme Grindelwald (wood heating), who supplies us with climate neutral district heating from recyclable (wood) energies.

Power optimising

We use a power optimising device which regulates / reduces the power during peak-periods.

Waste separation

We separate our waste consequently (used paper, glass, plastic etc.)


When possible, we avoid waste and we try to do without unnecessary packing (for example at breakfast).

Cleaning products

We clean your room with special fabrics and cloths (Jemako) and we use Eco Plus cleaning products which are naturally decomposed well and quickly.

Mattress cleaning

Our mattresses are regularly cleaned with special equipment. In the process, high frequency vibrations are transferred onto the mattress. Impurities within 30 cm are dissolved and then the mattresses are vacuumed. They are also exposed to strong UV-radiation in order to disinfect and remove all mites.