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Alpienne Massage

With the natural power of the Alps!

Massage mit arnika, propolis or St John’s wort

Partial body classic 25 minutes CHF 63
Whole body classic 50 minutes CHF 110
Whole body Delux 80 minutes CHF 160

The classic massage is one of the most familiar naturopathic treatments and with its‘ relaxing effect it helps against all kinds of discomfort. We use quality Alpienne products for our massages. Alpienne is based on pure herbs, resin, oils and wondrous minerals – free from synthetic substances. For each massage, you are able to choose from the following Alpienne products:


Enhancing blood-circulation, refreshing, stimulating, activating, cell enhancing. Cooling effect, improves the capability and helps the muscle regeneration.

St. John’s wort

Soothing the skin cells, cell enhancing, harmonising, fruity. Relaxing effect in case of exhaustion, insomnia or nervous symptoms.


Invigorating, supporting, stabilizing, recharging your batteries and storing energy. Skin soothing, detoxifying, purging and helps in case of skin problems.

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