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Blossom pool

A bubbling source for health and well-being

Blossom pool (whirlpool with fresh water) 30 minutes CHF 60
1 – 4 persons, incl. 2 glasses of Prosecco

You lie almost weightless in the gentle bubbly water. Feel how the tense back relaxes and you let go of everyday life. At 40 degrees water temperature, this is pure relaxation. No wonder, this luxurious bath relieves the body from stress and tension and allows the soul to come to peace. The warmth of the water and the water jet massage ease tenseness and ensure good circulation. In addition the massage stimulates the skin metabolism, which keeps connective tissue, skin and veins elastic. The warm water carries about 90 percent of the body weight, easing the strain of joints and spine. The blossom pool water is illuminated with various colours. These colours have positive influence on the mind and contribute to a deeper relaxation. When the body is completely relaxed, endorphines- happy hormones- are set free and not only the soul benefits from this but also the physical health.
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