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Ismet Ögmen’s Deep Tissue Massage

Holistic. Take a deep breath. Let go.

IGT Ismet’s holistic  deep massage (60 minutes CHF 160)
IGT Ismet’s holistic deep massage  (90 minutes CHF 230)
Sultan full body massage (70 minutes CHF 150)

Since 1996 Ismet works as Hamam master, acidosis lymph practitioner and masseur.

The holistic, special deep massage from Ismet is a combination from different massage techniques. The total heart / circulation- and nervous system is vitalised: the waste products and harmful substances are removed from the tissues. An intense abdominal massage is added to the full-body massage. Even after the first treatment, a holistic well-being is noticeable.

+41 33 854 31 49

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