Great Place to Work certification

Great Place to Work certification

Seal of approval for satisfied employees – the Eiger Selfness Hotel is a certified “Great Place to Work” and “Great Place to Start”.

For almost 15 years now, the Eiger Selfness Hotel has been dedicated to the topic of “people at the centre” and has shown a diverse commitment to creating an exemplary workplace culture for the team of almost 100 employees.

With the strategic decision taken in 2018 to take a position assessment with a professional partner and to benchmark against a wide variety of companies in Switzerland, the path to official nomination as a “Great Place to Work” was taken. The result of this courageous step is impressive!

“Trust is a very central topic for us” says the owners of the Eiger Selfness Hotel Daniel & Gisela Heller. “Our expectations for the satisfaction of the employees were very high due to the long work in this subject area, but nevertheless the result of such an intensive examination is not predictable. We wanted to know whether our employees trust us, are proud of what they do and enjoy working with others. We are very pleased that the results of this analysis confirm our philosophy and work culture”.

Lack of skilled workers as an impulse

“The current situation in the gastronomy / hotel industry is characterized by a shortage of skilled workers,” explains Daniel Heller. “Also the reputation of the industry as an employer is rather negatively afflicted. We wanted to show that we do not shy away from comparison with other sectors and that it is also possible to be an excellent employer in the hotel and catering industry. Our employees have confirmed that the cohesion and family atmosphere in our company ensure a high level of satisfaction. And of course we hope to be the only hotel in the Bernese Oberland to position ourselves more strongly with this official award. Finding suitable employees is the be-all and end-all for us as a service provider”.

Start of working life

But not only the employees find themselves with their feedback and feedback in the evaluation. “The start into working life is also important for us,” emphasizes Gisela Heller. “Every year, we train an average of 10 young people in various training occupations in the industry to counteract the shortage of skilled workers. The analysis of the apprentices ran in parallel and was also evaluated separately. All the more reason for us to be pleased that our trainees are also finding that we are a “Great Place to Start” and can also have ourselves certified for the start into working life.”

Fringe benefits and wage transparency

“We definitely still have potential,” smiles Daniel Heller. “Even if the satisfaction values are now very high, we will definitely stay on it. We would like to continue to use GPtW / GPtS for the location determination in the future. We will work on the points that were criticized by the employees. A large number of “fringe benefits” for employees are already available and a transparent wage system is also being strived for by spring 2020.”

Final report “Great Place to Work”

Employees at the Eiger Selfness Hotel are highly satisfied with their job in general. They particularly value communication and trust. They see support for their professional careers as well as personal esteem and recognition as one of the company’s great strengths. As employees, they are proud of the cooperation and the team spirit that characterises working together.

Final report “Great Place to Start”

The apprentices show a very high level of satisfaction with the training place and enjoy coming to work. They appreciate the good communication of the managers as well as the culture of mistakes and the support in further development. They are proud of their training and see sense in their work.

Key data of the “Employees” survey

Participants: 71 employees
Duration of survey: 17.02.2019 to 22.03.2019
Form: online
Response rate: 85%

“I’m proud of what we’re doing together.”
93% approval.

Key data of the “learners” survey

Participants: 8 learners
Duration of survey 17.02.2019 to 22.03.2019
Form: online
Response rate: 80%.

“All in all, I can say this is a very good training place.”
100% approval

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