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There are different rooms of various sizes and with different seating possibilites. A technical basic equipment (beamer, screen, flip chart and pin board) is available in all rooms.


Atmosphere. Trust. Comfort.

Seminar room „Inspiration“ – modernity with diversity and a large portion of comfort.
Our seminar room „Inspiration“ (42 m2) with the warm coloration, day light, the stone elements and the integrated gas fire provides a perfect comfortable ambience. Ideal for round-table meetings or workshops and discussions in a circle.

36 persons

15 persons

15 persons

18 persons

14 persons


Width. Perspective. Clarity.

Seminar room „Kreativum“ – wide views and much day light give perspective.
Our seminar room „Kreativum“ with 70 m2 offers a wide range of possibilities: for example theatre style seating for cinema shows or informative meetings as well as trainings and workshops which require much space and light. The all-around window facade and the calming view of the Männlichen summit together with the professional technique offer a good base for your meeting.

60 persons

25 persons

27 persons

30 persons

24 persons


Intimate. Quiet. Private.

Seminar room „Bachalpsee“ – intimacy and privacy are guaranteed in our seminar room “Bachalpsee” (28 m2). A suitable location for smaller meetings or private coachings.

29 persons

12 persons

8 persons

12 persons