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The history of Hotel Eiger

1890 bis 1960

1890 The hotel was built in the 90s.
1900 The 45-bed hotel was called Grindelwald during this period and was run by Mr. Ernst Bühler.
1901 The hotel was bought by Mr. L. Michael Madérin from Zürich.
1902 – 1907 Mr. Hans Lüdi became the new owner and renamed the hotel “Bristol”. Expanded to 60 beds, then sold to Mr. Schlee, who went bankrupt. Thereafter locals carried on (for example the Boss brothers).
1911 the Hotel Grindelwald-Bristol corporation was founded, with the former owner Mr. Hans Lüdi as chairman.
1915 Mr. Hans Lüdi declared bankruptcy.
1926 The neighbouring “Beausite” (now Hotel Spinne) acquired the Bristol, both businesses were merged into the English association “Polytechnic Chalets”.

1961 bis 1998

1960 Rudolf Märkle senior bought the Beausite and the Bristol.
1962 Take over from his daughter Marianne and son-in-law Beat Heller-Märkle, change of name to “Hostellerie Eiger”. The Gepsi Bar and garden terrace with grill was built.
1963 New building Eiger 1. Birth of daughter Nicole Heller.
1966 Birth of son Daniel Heller.
1969 The famous Bar “chez Marianne” opened.
1972 Opening of à-la-Carte Restaurant Gourmet (today’s Barry’s).
1977/1978 New building Eiger 2: Diningroom with Mittellegi-, Biwak- and Eigerstube, 18 twin- and 6 single rooms, different apartments and the staff house.
1986/1987 The Gepsi Bar was rebuilt, a lift was installed and the roof in the Eiger 1 was renovated.
1989 Bar “chez Marianne” was torn down, hotel lobby was built on the ground floor.
1992 Renovation of the hearing system and sauna, steam bath installation.
1993/1994 Behing the hotel building, the Eigersunna-chalets were built.
1994 Top floor Eiger 1 was converted into 2 suites and 2 spacious twin rooms.
1995 Instead of the souvenir shop, the Bistro Memory opened with its own kitchen and new toilets.
1996 The front desk was redesigned and a lobby on the 1st floor was built. The ventilation was restructued and the fire alarm centre was renewed.

1999 bis heute

1999 Daniel and Gisela Heller-Thum officially took over Hotel Eiger.
1998/1999 Renovation of twin rooms and apartments in the Eiger 2.
2000 15 rooms in the Eiger 1 were provided with special glazing and softly refurbished. Birth of Lukas Heller.
2001 On the 1st January the hotel was turned into a limited commercial partnership. Large reconstrucion- and renovation phase: in June the dining room “Galleria” with satellite kitchen was built. Impalement of Eiger 2 and inbetween (restaurant and main kitchen). Opening of our themed restaurant Barry’s. Birth of Jennifer Heller.
2005 Opening of the 1st Selfness Centre in Switzerland! A new offer is a supervised fitness area, sauna facilities, a blossom pool, a gymnastic room, a physiotherapy and a hairdresser.
2007 Opening of our wine- and whisky lounge on the 1st floorwith more than 100 wines from all over the world and 50 single malts from Scotland. Opening of the renovated “Eiger’s Guest House” with 3 apartments with ***+ standard.
2009 Wine-lounge turns into Smoker’s lounge. Non-smoking area in all restaurants. Restructuring of facade Eiger 1 and renovation of 10 rooms in the Eiger 1.
2010 Connection to Holzwärme Grindelwald (warmt from wood – district heating).
2011 Restructure of waste disposal area / kitchen extension. Realisation of a “showroom” Eiger 2. Massage room “Silence” with Alpienne-products.
2012 Redesign of the Gepsi Bar.
2013 Redesign of rooms and suites on the 5th floor Eiger 1 / redesign of rooms on 2nd floor Eiger 1.
2014 Redesign of 10 rooms in Eiger 2, facade and stairway.
2015 Redesign of 5 rooms in Eiger 2.
2016 Redesign of Galleria dining room.
2016 Privat Spa as well as 3 treatment rooms.
2018 new elevator in Eiger 1 with door show and smart mirror (1st installation in Bernese Oberland!)
2019 renovation of twin rooms Lifestyle chic rooms
2020 redesign of backoffice / front desk / entrance