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Our philosophy


is a way of life. It is the attitude within, which is a prerequisite to growth.  In today´s hectic times, it is important to be authentic and to pay attention to yourself.

Selfness can be used by everyone as a way of life. It creates a deeper understanding of our surroundings and for the people around us and it gives us the opportunity to be in charge of our own lives. In our hotel, the human being is in focus!

The selfness approach can be seen and felt in various dimensions; we practise “selfness on the inside” with our staff in order to strengthen emotional and communicative skills. Coaching, team spirit, mutual respect, openness and trust are vital concepts in our leadership/management culture.

With “selfness on the outside”, you – as our guest – are in focus. We have an exciting program with a wide range of offers for your personal development. Body fitness: benefit from the various activities offered in the house. Get in touch with the meditational technique “Brainfood”:

we offer workshops, talks and literature seminars and if you wish, we are also able to organize further education/self-training around the concept of Selfness. Whether you choose personal coaching or a treatment from our wide range of relaxations- and body treatments; you decide what it is that you are in need of at the moment. All with your well-being in focus.

We hope that you will let yourself be inspired from our offers. Try Selfness and see what changes it will bring into your life. In our hotel, you let yourself feel good and at the same time you challenge your well-being. Take time for what is the most important thing in life – you!

Daniel & Gisela Heller

Daniel & Gisela Heller