We are member of WfW green

We are member of WfW green

Drink water – give water

We use purified Grindelwald water and avoid unnecessary transport and effort. We donate part of the total revenue from water sales to water and vocational training projects of the non-profit organization WATER FOR WATER (WfW).

This means: With your consumption of purified Grindelwald water at the Eiger Selfness Hotel, you provide Zambian people with direct and sustainable access to clean water.

Many thanks for your assistance!

Our motivation

In Switzerland, high-quality tap water is available anytime, anywhere. This is not a matter of course. Around 844 million people worldwide have no elementary water supply, and 2.1 billion have no access to drinking water at home. Many have to travel long distances or wait for hours to get to a safe source of drinking water. We want to change this.


Wir ersetzen Markenwasser durch Leitungswasser und beteiligen uns damit an der Reduktion unnötiger Transporte und Abfälle.


We donate a fixed amount of all water sold to WfW. WfW uses these donations in full for water projects in Zambia.

Water supply & vocational training for everyone

In cooperation with local partner organisations, WfW provides a safe, functioning and affordable water supply in the poorest areas of the Zambian capital Lusaka. At the same time, WfW supports a local vocational school, which now trains most of Zambia’s plumbers and water suppliers.


WfW is a young non-profit organization that works with restaurants and businesses to provide people in Africa with sustainable access to clean drinking water. Further information about the organisation and projects: www.waterforwater.ch

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