Our philosophy

Selfness – Journey to the Self

Our philosophy

Selfness – Journey to the Self

Selfness is an attitude to life

It is the inner attitude that demands an independent willingness to grow. In today’s fast-paced world, it is important to be authentic and to take care of oneself.

Selfness as an attitude towards life can be applied by everyone, it causes a deeper communication with the environment and fellow human beings and gives the possibility to shape life in a self-determining way. In our house, the human being is the centre of attention.

The selfness attitude can be felt in different dimensions: We practice «selfness inwards» with our staff in team trainings to promote emotional and communicative skills, coaching, team spirit, mutual respect, openness and trust are important topics in our leadership culture.

At «Selfness to the outside» you, dear guest, are the centre of attention: here we offer you an exciting platform with a variety of offers for your personal development: Physical fitness with a wide variety of movement and sports offers in the house and mental fitness with meditation techniques, workshops, literature and lectures.On request, further training in selfness is also available and enables emotional well-being: Whether with personal coaching or a selection of relaxation and body treatments – you decide for yourself what is good for you in terms of well-being. We hope you will be inspired by one or other of the offers: Try out what changes the idea of selfness can bring about in your life and take time for the most important thing – yourself!

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