We love fairness


We love fairness

Our daily commitment to nature and the environment

As the first Selfness Hotel worldwide, we are aware of our responsibility towards the environment and strive to constantly optimise our ecological actions.

Regional food & suppliers

We use regional food wherever possible and consider regional suppliers in order to avoid unnecessary transport routes. Products from Grindelwald are marked with the label «EIGERNESS Original Grindelwald».


Eigerness is an association of partners from agriculture, tourism and trade in Grindelwald and promotes «Original Grindelwald» offers and products. You can find the high quality offer with local products also in our hotel. In the shop «Eigerness Der Laden» in the EIGER+ Centre you will find a large selection of Eigerness products to take away.

Grindelwald Water

Our water in Grindelwald is of excellent drinking water quality. You are welcome to fill the water carafe in your room directly from the tap and immediately enjoy fresh drinking water!

Minibar «Swissness»

Typical Swiss specialities await you in the minibar: Mineral water from Adelboden, beer from Interlaken, Rivella (the most popular Swiss herbal lemonade), Zweifel crisps and Ragusa chocolate. The contents of the minibar are included in the room rate and are refilled daily.

Hotels for Tree

Where hotel guests plant trees. Hotels for Tree is a non-profit foundation that aims to create a greener hotel world. How does it work? If you stay with us as a guest for several days but do not want the daily cleaning service, we donate CHF 5 to HOTELS FOR TREES instead of cleaning. With this donation, a tree is planted and we directly contribute to the (re)forestation projects worldwide. You can get a Hotels for Tree door tag at the reception.

Water for water

We are a WfW Green member and use treated tap water, waive branded water and donate a fixed part of the total water turnover to the WfW project work.


We are proud to be in the process towards more sustainability and to be allowed to use the logo of Switzerland Tourism | Swisstainable.

REUSEME Flip Flops

An incredible amount of waste is created every year by the use of disposable hotel slippers. Help save the environment! Instead of using disposable slippers, we invite you to purchase our REUSEME reusable spa flip flops. These are available at cost price in sizes S | M | L at the reception.

Heat recovery & wood heat

We cover part of our energy needs with heat recovery. We obtain the remaining energy (heating | hot water) from the wood heat of Grindelwald, which supplies us with district heating from reusable energy (wood) in a climate-neutral way.

Electricity optimisation

We use an electricity optimisation device that regulates or reduces electricity during peak times.

Waste separation

We consistently separate our waste (waste paper, glass, plastic, etc.).


Whenever possible, we avoid waste and therefore do not use unnecessary packaging (e.g. for breakfast).

Cleaning of mattresses

Our mattresses are regularly cleaned with special equipment. High-frequency vibrations are transmitted to the mattress. The dirt detaches from the fibres up to 30 cm deep inside the mattresses and is vacuumed off. The mattress is also exposed to strong UV radiation to disinfect and kill mites.


For the bathroom amenities we use «Green» articles from the company Ada, which takes ecological aspects such as environmentally friendly production and recyclability of the packaging into account.

Spelt pillow

In every room you will find a spelt extra pillow. Spelt is rich in silicic acid, which supports and promotes the organism, making it an ideal neck support pillow. It optimally regulates moisture.


We collect all soap scraps and send them to SapoCycle in Basel. SapoCycle is a non-profit foundation with the aim of collecting and recycling used soap and making it available to children and families in need, thus contributing to improving hygiene.


Nespresso has been committed to sustainability in various aspects for more than 30 years. One important aspect is the recycling of the capsules. The capsules are recycled in special plants by separating the aluminum lid from the capsule, composting the coffee grounds, and reusing the aluminum, e.g. for bicycle frames, window frames, car parts, etc. The precious coffee grounds are recycled in the Greenwatt biogas plant. The precious coffee grounds are converted into renewable energy at the Greenwatt biogas plant in Henniez. We use Nespresso coffee in our all  restaurants.

Wild bees

We make nature hum – as proud owners of two BeeHomes with 25 wild bees each, we promote the pollination of the surrounding nature. Our new employees are peaceful creatures that neither sting nor show interest in our food. Together with them, we create a flourishing habitat.

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