Nature and you (in german)

Eiger Selfness Hotel Dorfstrasse 133, Grindelwald, BE, Schweiz

Experience the power of nature and your own power in the wonderful landscape of the Jungfrau region! Nature and you Starting at the Eiger Selfness Hotel, we hike leisurely towards the Hotel Wetterhorn and further on in the surroundings of the Upper Glacier. You will experience yourself and the power of nature intensively through exercises […]



Talk plainly (in german)

Why we often get it "wrong" and how we can avoid it. Communication accompanies us every day and is one of the most important instruments in everyday (professional) life. Listening, giving feedback and even offering good criticism - that doesn't sound difficult...

CHF 450

Eiger Rock Festival

Eiger Rock Festival 2023 The Eiger Rock Festival is an event "by us - for us" and will take place with free concerts by Sina, Nils Burri and Take This at the Eiger+ Nordwandplatz in Grindelwald. Admission to the site from 16.00 Concert start 17.00 School band 18.15 h Nils Burri 20.00 Sina 22.00 Take […]

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The Now and You (in german)

Being consciously in the "here and now" and creating the conditions for empathic interaction. Who hasn't experienced this: my thoughts keep wandering, I'm in autopilot mode and my concentration is gone. How do I manage to bring myself back "into the moment"? And how can I become more mindful of myself and thus more empathic?

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I like to decide (in german)

Finding ways out of the decision-making dilemma. Make decisions with head, heart and belly. Acting as a member of the team. How can I make the "right" decision and feel safe and comfortable doing so?

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Pilates Mountain Retreat (in german)

****Eiger Selfness Hotel Dorfstrasse 133, Grindelwald

Get out of the pre-Christmas hustle and bustle and let your soul dangle! Fresh mountain air, delicious food, exercise / sports, walks, enjoy nature, switch off, wellnessen and make the stay just right for YOU!

CHF 548

Yoga, Wellness & winter hiking (in german)

The magnificent mountain scenery is deeply touching. Grindelwald is one of the most sought-after excursion destinations in Switzerland and yet enchants with the cosy, down-to-earth charm of the Bernese Oberland. Thanks to its warm and cosy atmosphere, the Eiger Selfness Hotel**** provides the perfect setting for our yoga retreat.

CHF 865