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The Now and You (in German)

The Now and You (in German)

Being consciously in the “here and now” and creating the conditions for empathetic cooperation.

Who hasn’t experienced this: time and again, my thoughts wander, concentration is lost and mistakes creep in. At the same time, I don’t even notice how my environment is doing and thus miss important moods and changes. All in all – a total loss for me, my employer and my colleagues. But what gets me out of my presence? And can empathy really be learned? Module 2 of the Selfness Starter sheds light on the topics of presence and empathy and uses group work, interactions and role-playing to demonstrate ways in which I can be more aware of my existence in the here and now. Being mindful and aware of my thoughts and state of mind are the prerequisites for “grounding” myself in the moment. Only in this way can I engage and make contact with the “you”. Because compassion with myself and others is important, but compassion does not help anyone!

Learning objectives:


  • Know the basics of “mindfulness and presence” and know which factors take you out of presence in everyday life and lead to loss of concentration.
  • Practice techniques and methods to bring yourself back into the moment and to calmness.
  • Gain first insights into the topic of empathy and learn how to recognize empathy and how to distinguish compassion from pity.
  • Know and understand the methods of expressing empathy through communication.
  • Reflect on your own resources and learn how to consciously “bring them out”.
  • Become more aware of the concepts of presence and empathy and experience and reflect on yourself and your environment in your everyday situations.

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