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Workshop “painless back” (in german)

Workshop “painless back” (in german)

The fascial back programme!
The back pain is a widespread disease! Many scientific findings indicate that approximately 2/3 of all back pains are caused by fascial-muscular problems. This is reason enough to concentrate on the fascinating connective tissue web and to develop new exercises for the back training.
The pain therapy has an effect on: back pain, lumbago, slipped disc, knee- and hip arthrosis, knee pain, shoulder pain, migraine, neck problems, tennis elbow, joggers’ knee etc.

Brigitte Kälin
Pain- and movement therapist according to Liebscher and Bracht, fasciale pain therapist, alternative practitioner

  • 3-day workshop from 21st to 23rd April 2017
  • 2 overnights incl. breakfast, dinner, workshop and 1 individual treatment
  • Participation fee CHF 599 per person
  • Participation fee CHF 300 per person (without overnight and meals)
  • Registration until 7th April 2017 in Eiger Selfness Hotel under resort@eiger-grindelwald.ch or by phone +41 33 854 31 31

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